Tombstone Directory

Mt. Zion Cemetery

Gingerich, Albert S. (or Samuel A.)
Gingerich, Alexander
Gingerich, Annie
Gingerich, Blaine Sr. & Elsie I.
Gingerich, Blaine Jr. & Loretta L.
Gingerich, Christian
Gingerich, Christian & Amanda
Gingerich, Dora C.
Gingerich, Edmund
Gingerich, Eli
Gingerich, Elizabeth (Lizzie)
Gingerich, Elmer & Rebecca
Gingerich, Emma
Gingerich, Fietta
Gingerich, George & Louisa Jane Shermeyer
Gingerich, Lewis & Cordie Snyder
Gingerich, Mary S. Nye
Gingerich, Raymond & Bertha
Gingerich, Sallie M.
Gingerich, Winfield & Susan
Gingrich, John & Mabel Ellen Leas
Shermeyer, Anetta B.
Shermeyer, Albert E.
Shermeyer, Alverta G.
Shermeyer, Carl and Clyde
Shermeyer, Chester & Miriam R. Drais
Shermeyer, Clara R. Dittenhafer
Shermeyer, Colleen D.
Shermeyer, Earl R.
Shermeyer, Franklin & Sarah J. Strong
Shermeyer, Harry Alvin
Shermeyer, Jane
Shermeyer, (John) Henry
Shermeyer, John Edward
Shermeyer, Maurice & Naomi Hinkle
Shermeyer, Milton Henry
Shermeyer, Minnie A. Sipe
Shermeyer, Nelson Alvin & Gerelene E. Keasey
Shermeyer, Rebecca Ness
Shermeyer, Ronald E.
Shermeyer, Russel V.
Shermeyer, Sarah R.
Shermeyer, Sarah A. Gingerich
Shermeyer, Stewart F.
Shermeyer, Verna R.
Shermeyer, Vertie A. Markley
Shermeyer, William E.
Shermeyer, Woodrow Wilson & Anna M.
Shermeyer, 6 Infants (John/Sarah)

Prospect Hill Cemetery

Berkheimer, Curvin A. Jr.
Bailey, Curvin S.
Bailey, Sara R. Shermeyer
Bailey, Rosamond B.
Bailey, Stewart V.
Grove, Samuel W.
King, Jacob W.
Lark, Anthony
Lark, George
Lark, Joseph
Lark, Margaret Smith
Ney, Evelyn B. Reese
Ney, Roy W.
Prowell, George W.
Prowell, Ida G.
Prowell, Ralph Herbert
Prowell, Stella Grace Lehman
Reese, Harry Adam
Reese, Matilda Lark
Reese, Samuel D.
Reese, Samuel Glassmyer
Glassmyer, Sarah Glatfelder Reese
Sipe, Alice
Sipe, William H.
Slenker, Vergie Reese King

Mt. Rose Cemetery

Beitzel, Lynley L.C. Jr.
Glassmyer, Samuel
Horn, Emma and Herbert L.
Reese, Elsie Mae
Reese, Emory & Sallie
Reese, Roy Wendell and Evelyn Gallatin
Minck, Mildred I. Shermeyer Gibbs
Slenker, Leroy "Lee" A.
Sprenkle, William & Marguerite

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