The family history without pictures, documentation, and commentary is available in MSWord MS Word document as a Word document. I am now using Family Tree Maker software so some sections are shown as Decendancy Reports rather than MSWord tables. It is divided into sections, as follows:

  1. Introduction - How to Read the Tables
  2. Grandma & Grandpa Shermeyer's Decendants
  3. Samuel & Pauline Reese's Decendants

Family Decendancy Reports:

  • Grandma Shermeyer's Family (The Sipe's: Eli Sipe and Malinda Barley)
  • Grandpa Shermeyer's Family (The Shermeyer's: John Henry Shermeyer and Rebecca Ness)
  • Grandma Reese's Family (The Lark's: Joseph Lark and Anna Margaret Smith)
  • Grandpa Reese's Family (The Reese's: David Reese and Sarah Gladflelter)

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    photos past and present
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