Harry Alvin Shermeyer

Born: 12-19-1883
York Co. Pa.
Died: 08-22-1969
Burial: Mt. Zion Cemetery, York, PA

Harry's Family

Minnie Agnes Sipe

Born: 03-23-1893
York Co. Pa.
Died: 09-28-1966
Burial: Mt. Zion Cemetery, York, Pa.

Minnie's Family

Picture of Harry & Minnie Shermeyer, 1942

Married: June 14, 1913, York Co., PA


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Tombstone: Harry/Minnie


Shermeyer, Harry Sr.


Nelson Alvin Shermeyer
Pauline Estella Shermeyer
Mildred Irene Shermeyer
Sarah Romaine Shermeyer
Earl Richard Shermeyer
Glenn Edward Shermeyer
Carl Herman Shermeyer
Clyde Henry Shermeyer
  --3-12-1926 to 10-DD-1927
Janet Mae Shermeyer
Maynard Eugene Shermeyer
Loretta Jean Shermeyer
Harry (nmn) Shermeyer, Jr.

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