Harry Adam Reese

Born: 08-10-1869, York, Pa.
Died: 03-1-1940
Burial: PH Cemetery, York, PA

Harry's Family

Married: 12-25-1889, York Co., PA


Harry Adam

Matilda (Tillie) Lark

Born: 03-13-1873
Died: 11-9-1948
Burial: Prospect Hill Cemetery, York, PA

Matilda's Family




Elsie May Reese
Bessie Evelyn Reese
Emory F. Reese
Vergie Sallie Reese
Samuel D. Reese
  11-3-1897 to 5-20-1899
Henry (Harry -Has) Samuel Reese
Stuart Joseph Reese
Edward (Ted) Daniel Reese
Mildred Romanine Reese
Samuel Glassmyer Reese
Oliver Paul Reese
Roy Wendell Reese

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