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The Wisconsin Conference Youth Director is Greg Taylor. Greg, and his wife Kim, came from Indiana where he was youth pastor at the Glendale Seventh-day Adventist Church. He has seven years experience as chaplain/Bible teacher in academy, has worked with camps, pathfinders, youth rallies, and planned numerous Bible camps through the Lake Union Conference. Greg and Kim have two boys, Matthew and Joshua.

Greg, Kim, Matt, and Joshua Taylor - WI Conference Youth Director

2013 WI Youth Calendar

Bible Experience

The 2014 study book will be 2 Samuel and the SDA Bible Commentary Introduction for 1 & 2 Samuel, which will include the following: 1) Title, 2) Authorship, 3) Historical Setting, and 4) Theme. The manual will have some additional and clearer points that will make it easer to conduct your program better. You can access additional information at www.pathfindersonline.org and click on the Bible Experience tab.

Wisconsin Area Level Competition will be January 25. The Conference Level will be held during Pathfinder Winter Retreat, February 14-16, at Camp Wakonda. The Union Level will be held March 29 at Andrews University. The Division Level will be held April 11-13 in Washington, D.C.

Resources for Leaders

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