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Pathfindering - Honor Resources

Wisconsin Madison Mustangs Classwork Honors Resources/Links

Good honor resources are at Pathfinders Online, including a link to WikiBooks. Honor handbooks, posters, and other information for purchase is available from AdventSource at: AdventSource-Honor Helps, including the honor patches.

Sharing Resources

At the 2010 Leadershop, those present talked about sharing resources for teaching honors, such as equipment (Candlemaking, leathercraft, ceramics, etc.). This list is started as a result of those discussions. If you have stuff you would be willing to share with another club, send an email, and I will list it here with your contact information.

Other Resources

Honor Recording Sheets


I hope this information is helpful. If you have information to contribute to this website or suggestions for items that would help you, please contact Anita Heisig at anitaheisig4@gmail.com.

Last Updated: December 30, 2012